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About Us

We provide opportunities for families to meet, volunteer and get involved while generating enthusiasm and excitement for all aspects of Collegiate. We organize events such as Cougar Holiday Express, Bingo Night and Village Green Fair. Any funds raised are directed toward the continued advancement of our School. All parents are welcomed, needed and encouraged to volunteer and be advocates for Collegiate's excellence.

The purpose of the Collegiate Parents' Association is to promote and foster the well-being and continued advancement of Collegiate through parent involvement and education.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Collegiate Parents’ Association:

1. How can I support the Collegiate Parents’ Association? 

  • Come to Our Events! Be an active participant in your school community, hang out with your friends, and have fun making new ones at all of our PA events.
  • Volunteer at a PA Event: Volunteering is one of the best ways to engage in the Collegiate community, and the Parents' Association cannot facilitate its community-building events without your help! Visit the Parents' Association page on the Paw Net for more details, or go directly to the “Volunteer” page on this site to sign up! 
  • Register for Shopper Rewards: Raise funds for Collegiate by simply enrolling in the Kroger and Publix Shopper Rewards programs: 

2. What payment methods are accepted on the PA Shopify site and at the Village Green Fair? 

The PA Shopify site accepts payment by credit card and Shop Pay only. We no longer accept Student Charge as a payment method. Contact the PA Treasurer @ for further information. 

3. What payment methods are accepted at in-person PA Events? 

Payment methods for in-person PA events may include cash, credit cards and/or Student Charge. Please read the information publicized about each in-person event for details about payment methods . For payment method information during Village Green Fair, please refer to this page: LINK to the “Schedule of Events and FAQs” page. Contact the PA Treasurer @ for further information.

4. Does the PA accept returns or offer refunds? 

The Collegiate Parents’ Association works hard to plan and implement enjoyable community-building events that raise funds for the benefit of the School. We do not provide refunds or accept returns of products sold at our events. Questions? Please contact

5. Do you have another question about the Collegiate Parents' Association or would you like ot learn more about about to become involved in the PA? 

Please reach out to our PA President @

Questions? Reach out to us!

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